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The return is free?
Returning Items enjoy free online shopping.

You can also use the post office parcel included in your return label your item pre-printed - we offer this service for free.

How long do I return something?
You have 30 days to receive your order to restore profits and losses. We believe that you and your project completely satisfied is very important, so with that dress or shoes that try and make sure it fits you.

I can not go back to this project?
For health reasons, we can not provide feedback loops, but if they are still in their sealed package, we can ensure your return these items. to have

My order was sent to my home, I can go back to the store?

Yes, we hope that we have for you is shopping a lot easier. Remember that even if the service by participating stores

How to send me back?
1 Fill out the form and send back our order. Please tell us your return, why what items.
2 Include your return form and re-packaged items back. If you can try to use original package delivery.
3 your bag, your post office and obtain proof of postage certificate for your records.
4, we'll let you know when you are refunded.

When can I get my refund?
If you return to the store by clicking and grab your items, we will refund you give them to your store in 14 days. If you return your item by mail, we will receive the parcel after we deposit your refund 14 days.

Please note that some banks may also need 5 working days to pay the money back to your card. If you do not receive your refund within 14 days, please contact the service center to customers.

If you return your item by mail, you can send us an email and attach proof of postage certificates, we will see this for you.

I think I made a mistake repayment
Your refund may be less than you imagine if some projects are part of a promotion, or you pay for delivery or return, we can not reimburse the costs.

If your project is part of a promotion, as multibuy offer, you will return one of these items, we will refund using the appropriate report. See below for more information on reimbursement of shipping. If you think we made a mistake, please contact the customer service, so that we can help you.

You repay my shipping costs?
- If you return your order within 30 days, we will refund your outbound shipping of origin, if the project in all the orders are returned together.

- If you are out of thirty days, the refund of your order, we'll only if your product fails, all items returned with a refund of your outgoing expenses original shipping.

- If you return only part of the order, we will not refund the original shipping costs.

- If using a return label pre-paid, we deduct your final refund £ 3.50 to cover postage and handling.

How will I be reimbursed?
We will use your refund to your card and pay the same. If your card is you or your bank issuing the card to cancel, please contact the customer service, so we can arrange another way, you come back.

If you use an electronic lottery pay for your order, our customer service team will be sent to your email address your account is registered in another post, the visitors checkout or email address entered.

Default items / damaged
We provide standards for most of our products 1 year return policy. The default or by accident, misuse, negligence, normal wear or not covered by this policy damages. Your statutory rights are not affected.

For us malfunction or damage to the product or does not meet the description of a product, you want to return, follow the same steps as unnecessary normal return - either by taking the product to your nearest participating store or email product is returned. In both cases, we need to see your packing slip or other proof of purchase. When returning the product was identified as defective or damaged, we will refund your return postage.

We can reduce the amount refunded to you if the returned item is part of a promotional discount, or if the project has been used before or return unreasonable treatment.

Failure to return the product to verify the defect. If the failure is due to normal wear and tear, misuse, neglect, willful damage, or accidents, we can not refund your money, you will have the ability to set or having to return to your project.

Can I exchange my article purchase online?
Unfortunately, we can not process AC online purchase. If you want to change an item you buy online, the best way to do this is in line with our return process, then order our website, or visit one of our stores.

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